The singing clown and wannabe guitar player!

Businessman, inventor, developer, entertainer… everything but musician. Born in Denmark, but for some odd reason he was exported to Germany a long time ago. Even though he has spent over 20 years in Germany it doesn’t necessarily mean that he masters the German language – but at least he is giving it a try.

For Erik music is about fun and entertainment. As he says “Our motive for entertaining the audience is actually purely egoistic; We want to have a good time. And the more fun the audience have the more fun we have. And the more fun we have, the more we can give back to the audience.”


A Gibson guitar.
A Marshall amp.
And a cold beer.
These three things are all it takes to convert Torben from a businessman to a hard core rocker!
He will rock anything you can throw at him inspired by other ground breaking rockbands like AC/DC, Guns n Roses and Foo Fighters.
“Music must be honest! There are no short cuts to genuine guitar rock, but when you finally get there, there is only one thing to do… and that’s to turn up the volume!”


The bass playing clown!

First time we saw Saskia, she was on a stage casually playing Red Hot Chili Peppers on her five-string bass. From that moment on it was clear that her talent belongs in Clowns With Guitars.

Saskia is the one who tells us to tune our instruments when we have been banging away on poor off-tune guitars for several songs. She is also the one who notice our mistakes, but at least she has a very nice and polite way to let us know when we screw up.

Watching Saskia on stage is an experience in itself. She wears a big fat smile on her face and it seems she is having her own private party, while rocking away.


The Drum clown!

Konrad tried all kind of instruments in his youth (which is not so long ago). Until he found the drums! Hammering on defenceless buckets full of air seems to be his call in life.

We suspect that his biggest idol is Animal from The Muppet Show, at least that is how he looks when he is playing.

Only bad thing about Konrad is that he has a very bad influence on your sleeping habits and your health. If you go out with Konrad you wont get home before 5 am and you feel rubbish the day after.

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